Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I finally have a video IPod

Tonight was the wrestling banquet! That means I am almost done with wrestling! The exciting part is that all of the coaches are given gifts from the head coach. One coach got a gift card, another got a wrestling sweatshirt, but I got a sweatshirt and a VIDEO IPOD. I apparently was the favorite of the coaches. Well, I was the only one who did anything. But because of this I now feel guilted into being the assistant next year.


Natalie said...

Yeah Ashley!! Was it all worth it now? Bring that with you next time you come.

Roeckers said...

I think it was cause you were the cutest!

Go Ash!! Work ethic pays off

Stephanie said...

Welcome to the video iPod club! Don't feel guilted- just take the money and run... or in this case the iPod.

Oh, I bet that black iPod looks so cute with your black apple laptop... so stylish.